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Developed by the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative, Opportunity Passport™is a package of resources aimed at advancing the economic well-being of young people transitioning from foster care to adulthood.  

Components include:

All Opportunity Passport™ participants: 


Drawing on 15 years' worth of Opportunity Passport™ participant survey data, the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative reflects on its many successes and underscores its vision to help young people transitioning from foster care thrive. [Read more]  


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Learn how OP has changed the lives of
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WHO Interview

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Keys to Your Financial Future Resources

Module 1 - Asset Building- Training
Asset Building - Assessment

Module 2 - Good Credit- Training

Good Credit - Assessment

Module 3 - Money Management- Training
Money Management - Assessment

Module 4 - Training and Education- Training

Training and Education - Assessment

Module 5 - Housing- Training

Housing - Assessment

Module 6 - Transportation- Training
Transportation - Assessment

Module 7 - Investing- Training
Investing - Assessment

Since 2004, YPII has enrolled nearly 750 young people in Opportunity Passport™ with the help of numerous partnering organizations including:

Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative
United Way of Central Iowa
Principal Financial Group Foundation
Greater Iowa Credit Union