• The Survey Results Are In Nearly 500 Iowa youth in AMP or Aftercare responded to a survey about their life while in placement. [Here’s what they said] The Survey Results Are In
  • Iowa Aftercare Services Network Iowa Aftercare Services Network
  • Youth from around the state participate in youth leadership training Youth from around the state participate in youth leadership training

Youth InSights

All youth deserve to have a say in planning their future. InSights is a channel for young people involved in Iowa’s child welfare and juvenile justice systems to share their perspectives, offering input to those who are entrusted with decisions affecting their care and well-being.

Achieving Maximum Potential (AMP)

AMP (Achieving Maximum Potential) serves as Iowa’s State Foster Care Youth Council. With several local Councils across the state, AMP provides opportunities for youth who have been involved in Iowa’s foster care system to participate in state and local leadership development, advocacy, service, skill development and social activities. 

Because of their lived experience in Iowa’s child welfare or juvenile justice systems, youth members of AMP are often invited to share their insights with policy-makers to help inform decisions and improve practice.  Among the most popular annual AMP events are Day on the Hill, Plugged in and Charging Conference, and AMP Camp. [Learn more]

Youth Perspectives and Presentations

Young Leaders Meet to Develop a Foster Care Advocacy Agenda -
YPII hosted a Young Leaders Collaborative to begin development of an advocacy agenda to promote policy and practice improvements in foster care.

Youth Rate Foster Care a 6.6 on a 10-Point Scale -
provides a snapshot of young people’s satisfaction with the system.

AMP's 2017 Legislative Agenda

When Normal Ain’t Normal Infographic Poster / Issue Brief

Juvenile Reentry Task Force Benefits from Youth Perspective -
A youth perspective in juvenile justice

Effective Case Planning - Opinion, Permanency

Promoting Normalcy - Support for the Prudent Parent Standard

Red Light – Green Light - Education Presentation

You be the Judge article - Iowa Children’s Justice Summit

Involving Foster Care Youth in Planning for their Transition: Does it make a difference? -
Results from Iowa Aftercare Services Network (IASN) Survey

From Cambridge to College - Youth success story, by Samanthya

Encourage youth to share their insights and advocate for themselves and other young people with experience in foster care by getting involved.

They can read from our selection of Youth Perspectives and Presentations and submit their own ideas to be featured on InSights.

Represent Magazine – this is an online magazine that provides a voice for youth in care by posting youth-written stories and articles on a wide variety of topics.

Here are some opportunities for youth to connect with others:

AMP (Achieving Maximum Potential) - Iowa’s State Foster Care Youth Council.

Foster Youth in Action trains and empowers foster youth to be strong leaders.

Foster Club is a national network for young people in foster care.